Welcome to
of Ottawa

We look forward to greeting you at our new location at
889 Lady Ellen Place
in  Ottawa

Please be patient, this site is under construction.
We look forward to posting details of our activities including adult education opportunities, children's programming, rabbinical and life-cycle services, social services, etc., all, already being implemented. In the meantime, please call us at (613) 688-2025 for details.

Part of the Yoreh Deah Shiur? Resources here.

Our 5780 Mini-Pesach guide includes a list of  what to prepare for the sedorim, important dates and times, instructions for fulfilling the all-important mitzvah of matzo.

 It also includes a chometz sale contract. While best to meet with Rabbi Botnick in person (call to arrange a time) to formalize the sale authorization, If you are unable to, you may use the document in the guide and follow instructions to submit it.

 We wish you and yours a kusher un freilichen Pesach!

Congregation Lubavitch operates daily at our facility
Regular Schedule
for holidays call or look for special schedule

Shachris Sunday 9:00 am
Shachris Monday-Friday:  7:10 am
Shachris Shabbos
(Shabbos Mevorchim)
10:00 am
(Tehilem: 8:15, Shachris 10:30)
 MinchaFrom before  Pesach - through the summer: 6:30 PM
 Maariv Call for information
This year's schedule should be similar to last year's but is subject to change with COVID-19 precautions.

Mailing Address: PO Box 35070, Ottawa, ON K1Z 1A2  |  (613) 688-2025  |  info@chabadottawa.ca